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Farscape Chorus

Icon Contest

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Welcome to farscape_chorus! The idea for this community is stolen from based on buffy_chorus, alias_chorus and roswell_chorus. I also don't know of many Farscape icon contest communities, so I thought I would start one.

Each week, a lyric will be posted. The lyric will be chosen by the previous week's winner. All members can then create and post a Farscape icon using the provided lyric.

Anyone is allowed to join. Even non icon makers!. Every member can vote whether they have made an icon or not!

1. The icon must be a Farscape icon!
2. You can only submit one icon for each challenge.
3. The icon must be made completely by you. This means you cannot use a base/blank made by someone else.
4. It must fit LJ's size requirements.
5. Don't vote for your own icon. And don't vote for an icon based upon who made it. Vote for the icon you think is the best and fits the lyric.
6. You must state what category you want the icon to be entered in.


Relativity (Best Application): The icon which best fits the lyrics.
Unrealized Reality (Most Unique): The icon which takes the most original, fresh perspective on the lyrics.
The Locket (Best Overall): Best overall icon taking into account all aspects of the icon such as application, originality, and style.

The challenge will be posted Sunday when I post the winners of the previous challenge. You then have from that time until when I post the poll to post your icon. The poll will be posted Friday evening, but I suggest that you try to post your icon by Friday morning.

Voting will take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening unless otherwise stated. No exact times, but keep in mind that I live in the Eastern Standard time zone. You must also be a member in order to vote.

That's it for now! Have fun! Please join and feel free to pimp this community!

Your friendly mod,